Dear Traveler:

CHINASMITH has featured Dragon Tours since 1986 and as the Chinasmith Dragon it has been my pleasure to introduce and explain our series programs. Our goal has always been to share our China and Asia experiences with people who ask for smaller groups, depth to the cultural aspects of international travel and/or the adventure of visits to unusual destinations.

China and all of Asia have changed incredibly fast in recent years. When vacationers do business by cell phone before breakfast no matter where they are, you can understand that developing "off-the-beaten-track" adventure tours is not an easy goal!

CHINASMITH offered the first tour series featuring unique itineraries for second-time China travelers. Now we also provide many tours for the first time China visitor. In the past many people took a grand tour and did not hesitate to book for 30 or more days. Now we find more travelers request shorter tours. Accordingly it is our policy that individual packages and tour series can be modified to any length! Our programs are famous for their flexibility. Do not hesitate to add or subtract cities or days as you desire.

This on-line brochure has scheduled itineraries and standard independent packages. Independent travel is never escorted and operates any day [subject to flight schedules]. Scheduled tours are guaranteed at the brochure prices with a minimum of 6 participants. Maximum size of a group tour is 18 people. Group tours use scheduled international air flights but may be booked as Land Only with no penalty. Contact us for the current printed brochure for this year's exact schedule.

CHINASMITH arranges extensions Beyond China to many destinations. Some destinations may have scheduled departures but due to space considerations are not included in the on-line brochure. Therefore if you want something else, email or give us a call. We can do it! Chinasmith Dragons look forward to turning travel dreams into reality!
See you in China!

-Wu Chang Smith, The Executive Dragon!

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